The sustainability train is about to leave the station - make sure you are on board and contributing to a new momentum in the Lowveld. Let us all be part of a vibrant 2018.
Join us to learn more about the impact we all have on our planet and how each of us can help to ensure a greener, cleaner world. We will explore ways of treading lighter, living more responsibly and effecting positive change through collective action. We are aware of the mounting pressure on our government to provide more electricity, water and food for a growing population and that fossil fuel resources and current methods are not sustainable. Now is the time to move beyond eco-warrior catch phrases and take real steps to save money, improve our security and gain independence from fragile and failing systems.

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do
everything but I can do something. So, I will not stop
doing that something I can do.”

- Edward Everett Hale

Prepare yourself for a spectacular paradigm shift. Spark will showcase many interesting solutions geared towards taking the headache out of setting yourself up in a more sustainable way: how to become more energy independent, how to run your own business in the field of sustainability, how to turn waste into cash and how to operate your business and home in a more environmentally responsible way. Exhibitors will feature innovative architecture that is energy efficient and works with our environment. You will be introduced to farming techniques which combines modern chemical agriculture with age-old organic techniques - saving money and increasing yields. Not everyone wants to become a full-scale farmer; who has the time or the space? Learn how to set up a simple garden to produce your family’s fresh vegetables – fantastic health and savings with minimum of effort.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

- Dr Seuss

Getting off the grid with renewable energies, solar, wind turbines, hydroelectricity and bio-gas
Solar Focus - Suppliers & installers of a range of renewable energy products
Company: Solar Focus
Product: Suppliers & installers of a range of renewable energy products

Solar Focus is a supplier and installer of a range of renewable energy products suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. Products offered include Solar Water Heaters, Heat Pumps, Solar Power Systems and LED Lighting Solutions.

MLT Power - Distributing and installing solar systems
Company: MLT Power
Product: Distributing and installing solar systems

MLT DRIVES has been a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of solar and backup systems in South Africa since 1986. MLT DRIVES is split into MLT Power and MLT Inverters. MLT Power takes care of sales and the distribution of turn-key solar back up and grid-tied systems, with unmatched technical and maintenance support. Satisfied clientele vary from residential and commercial urban buildings to lodges, farms and industrial applications.

Sustainability Professionals (PTY) LTD
Company: Sustainability Professionals (PTY) LTD
Product: Mashesha Stoves

Mashesha Stoves are a social enterprise focusing on solving the cooking needs for rural schools and communities in the SADC (Southern African Development Community). They design and sell fuel-efficient stoves for cooking with large pots and institutional use, as well as smaller ones for households. Their stoves work with biomass/ wood fuel and they use half of the fuel normally required with open fires. Mashesha stoves are also a lot safer, as a closed gasification process for combustion is used.

PPE -Power Plant Electrical Technologies
Company: PPE - Power Plant Electrical Technologies
Product: Power Plant Electrical Technologies is an accredited and integrated electrical engineering house focused on supplying high technology systems and solutions for the process industry, mining and utilities.

“We want to provide world class service, focused on adding value to customer process throughout Africa”, says Mitch McAllister, MD. The PPE Technologies management team are hands on and they practice their engineering skills in a consultative and advisory way. In so doing, the company management remains in touch with core business matters and customers' needs. The company was founded in 2000 and has its head office in Nelspriut, Mpumalanga, South Africa, with a number of satellite and site offices throughout Africa.

Sitabantfu Mobile Car Wash
Company: Sitabantfu Mobile Car Wash
Product: Mobile, eco-friendly and waterwise car wash

John Vilakazi is one of four inventors who came up with an innovative idea to save water in the car wash industry. Their mobile machines can take 40 litres of water and can wash up to 10 cars, averaging 4 litres per car. Pop by The Farm Stall at Halls for a coffee while your vehicle is cleaned inside and out for only R70 - R80; a bargain for you AND the environment. Watch this video for more information about Sitabantfu Mobile Car Wash. Music by Qadasi; performing at Spark Festival from 2 - 4 March:

Beauty Products that are good for you and the environment
Crafted Cosmetics - Skin Care Products Not Tested On Animals
Company: Crafted Cosmetics
Product: Skin care products which are cruelty free, as well as gentle on your skin and the environment

CRAFTED COSMETICS doesn't believe in false promises and the hype that drives the beauty industry, but they do believe in the power of nature to protect, heal and beautify. They work both with indigenous and more commonly used natural botanicals to create products that restore skin health and a feeling of well-being. Their indigenous materials are sustainably sourced and an important goal of the company is to educate the public on the wonders of African plants, as well as the importance of protecting both our natural heritage and our indigenous knowledge.

O Way - Staying true to authentic, clean, efficient and environmentally friendly choices
Company: O Way
Product: Education in the hairdressing industry

OWAY SA is passionate about everything related to image, style and trends, while staying true to authentic, clean, efficient and environmentally friendly choices. They believe that only a solid education in the field of clean technology, in cosmetology, can truly bring change in the hair and beauty industry. With a vision of promoting the hairdressing industry, they supply, train and educate hair salons and stylist in OWAY. They aim to inspire, educate and share their passion and creations. For OWAY, beauty is a commitment to care – the rest simply follows.

Urban farming, organic principles and the fascinating interrelationships of permaculture
OptiGrow - Organic vermicast or earthworm castings
Company: OptiGrow
Product: Organic vermicast or earthworm castings

Meet your planting partner OptiGrow: a farming division and tree nursery which focuses on soil rehabilitation, with the use of earthworm castings or vermicast. Their products are used extensively in agriculture for soil rehabilitation to ensure healthy plant growth, better water usage, reduction in pest vulnerability and the optimization in uptake of chemical inputs.

Farm In A Box - Aimed at excellent health through proper nutrition
Company: Farm In A Box
Product: Excellent Health Through Proper Nutrition

Aimed at excellent health through proper nutrition, Farm In A Box's vegetables are organically grown from heirloom seed and their bread is baked from non-GMO unbleached stone-ground flour. Their bottled goodies contain no colorants or preservatives and they keep pushing the boundaries to find the best slow-food options, while keeping it quick and easy for their customers. Choose health! Choose to support the family farm!

Farm In A Box - Aimed at excellent health through proper nutrition
Company: Henri van Vuren
Product: Honey, discussions about bees and country music

Henri van Vuren refers to himself as a “Jack of all trades”. Not only will he be selling his honey at Spark Festival, but he will also have an observation beehive on display and will be hosting talks about bees and bee-keeping. To top it all, Henri will perform country music as well. As a singer in the Drakensberg Boys Choir, he realised at a young age that he has a talent and love for music. He has been a country singer for the past 11 years and has performed at many charity events and festivals, Innibos Festival being one of them. Henri’s interest in bees also started at an early age. When swarm after swarm moved onto his parents’ property 37 years ago, Henri took it as a sign - they started farming with bees. He also does bee removals, crop pollination and has hosted a series of bee talks on Radio Pretoria. Henri sells his honey from the Lowveld, all the way to Pretoria and Musina. You can find some at Hall’s Farm Stall, Joubert & Seuns Padstal, Schoemanskloof Viva, Milly’s Farm Stall, Alzu Petroport and at a few butcheries and smaller shops in Nelpsruit and White River.

Art, education and wellness
The Bardolino Artists Retreat
Company: The Bardolino Artists Retreat
Product:The purpose of the retreat is to create a space for diverse artists to live and work in one environment.

“At The Bardolino Artists Retreat we have various forms of creativity,” Jennifer Schormann, creator of the retreat explains. “The vision is healing through creativity,” she adds. “It doesn’t mean you need to be broken, it is really just about personal development and self-expression.” The purpose of the retreat is to create a space for diverse artists to live and work in one environment. Bardolino promotes a conscious and sustainable lifestyle by offering everything from dance, storytelling, music and art therapy to meditation sessions and personal development workshops. Read more about The Bardolino Artists Retreat here.

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