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Spark Festival 2018

Spark is that sensation after early morning yoga – invigorated, yet relaxed.  It is an ice cold beer on a warm day in the Lowveld. It is listening and hearing your environment speak. It is bouncing to the beat of Majozi’s Fire. Spark is everything you would expect from a festival, and more.

From 2 to 4 March the first Eco Sustainability Festival will take place in the Lowveld. Some of South Africa’s finest artist and bands will provide the soundtrack to an exquisite backdrop at Penryn College: Majozi, Veranda Panda, Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions, Jackal and the Wind and The Kiffness to name a few. Those who prefer something more soothing can join a yoga class, meditation session or a drumming circle to ease into the rhythm of Spark. Be on the look-out for slam poetry, conservation tours on the outskirts of the grounds and the kiddies’ corner, to keep the young ones entertained.

We aren’t only interested in having fun; we also want our attendees to walk away feeling inspired. Spark is not only a festival, but also a sustainability expo and we have an array of exhibitors ready to make your step towards a greener 2018. “Spark’s primary focus is to encourage a mind shift towards sustainability in all its facets. We want the festival to be a safe, innovative environment which stimulates the senses by showcasing Eco Sustainability in a mailable yet digestible way,” Sandra Simpson explains. Sandra is the brains and driving force behind the Spark initiative: “We want to make a very serious topic fun.”

“People are visual. When they see new building techniques and green energy practices in use, they can then see how to implement change and how to move off the grid in a practical manor,” Sandra continues. She wants festival goers to be able to leave Spark and adopt at least one practice in being kinder to themselves and the province in which we live. “If they make one eco driven adjustment in their lives, even by opting not to use a straw in a restaurant, then there is progress to a greener future.”

The festival acts as a launching pad and awareness campaign; Spark’s main objective is educational and community driven projects for 2018. The core focus of these projects are Mpumalanaga’s precious water sources, waste management and the creation of community gardens. “It’s time we start working together as an integrated society, driven to initiate positive change,” Sandra adds. “Respect is not race, class or gender specific. When stripped down to the core, sustainability is really just making choices out of respect for our natural resources and fellow human beings.”

Spark will be moving into Mozambique and Swaziland in the near future. As a networking initiative, we can make a difference by purely channelling everyone’s ideas and innovations into an open platform, which inspires us to work together respectively. “Spark will continue to encourage everyone to reach out and find a project they can relate to,” Sandra adds as she explains how we can support Mpumalanga’s growth. “The age old saying, ‘many hands make light work’ definitely has some merit.”



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